Shiseido’s New Skincare Range For Millenials Is Inspired By Traditional Japanese Cuisine

Shiseido’s latest skincare range is inspired by food.

WASO is inspired by the philosophy of Washoku, the tradition of Japanese food which respects and celebrates the uniqueness and natural flavour of each ingredient. And much like a beautiful kaiseki meal, the ingredients in this range have been painstakingly chosen for their nourishing properties.

The result? A skincare regime that’s distinctly Japanese and completely adorable.

The range is largely marketed as a “skincare regime for millennials”, but that’s not just a gimmick. Yes, the incredibly minimalist and photogenic packaging is sure to look gorgeous alongside your Instagram ~aesthetic~, but Shiseido has solid science backing up their millennial-friendly claims. Every product in the range has been developed specifically for skin in their 20’s, and all the concerns and problems that come with it – namely dryness, oiliness, and visible pores.

True enough, the all natural food-derived ingredients (honey, carrot, tofu, white fungus, and loquat leaf) shine in each of the products. Completely non-comedogenic and formulated without mineral oil and parabens, this is definitely skincare after our millennial hearts.

“WASO has not only been created with expertise and innovation, but with care at its heart to nurture the skin’s natural powers to bring out their beautiful, authentic self,” says Shiseido. “WASO is a brand designed specifically for a new generation who are not listening to what society says it means to be beautiful.  It represents a democratic approach to beauty –everyone is beautiful regardless of nationality, sexuality, age or status, with no preconceived notions of what beauty should be.”

We love it already.

Check out the full range below!

Quick Gentle Cleanser, RM105

Key Ingredient: Hachimitsu (Honey)

Valued in Japan for many centuries, honey emits a unique, sweet flavor and has the power to eliminate odors of meat and fish. Royal jelly extract contains amino acid (protein), vitamins and minerals that adds moisture to the skin.

This heavenly refreshing cleanser foams without water to remove impurities and makeup, leaving the skin soft, not stripped.

Soft+Cushy Polisher, RM120

Key Ingredient: Tofu (Soybean curd)

An essential food in Washoku, tofu is loved by the Japanese for its ability to promote beauty, health and longevity. The key ingredient, lecithin, is naturally derived from soy and is often used for skin conditioning.

This skin smoother infused with the power of soy lecithin refreshes skin for immediate smoothness. The plant-based cellulose granules in a whipped, tofu-like formula gently reveals fresh-looking skin and leaves it feeling smooth without harsh exfoliation.

Fresh Jelly Lotion, RM120

Key Ingredient: Kikurage (White Jelly Mushroom)

The kikurage or white jelly mushroom has long been treasured in Japan as food for beautiful skin. Like a sponge, it holds onto water and bounces back to its plump, just-picked state when soaked.

This gel-to-lotion infused with the power of white jelly mushroom delivers dewy hydration to plump skin from within.

Clear Mega-hydrating Cream, RM160

Key Ingredient: Ninjin (Carrot)

The red colour of carrots symbolizes happiness in Japan and is traditionally used in celebratory dishes. The carotene in carrots is said to be effective in optimizing skin condition and softening the skin.

The moisturizers infused with the power of carrots nourish skin, keeping it soft and plump. This pure, clear cream plumps, softens and hydrates from the get-go.

Color-smart Day Moisturizer SPF 30, RM150

Key Ingredient: Ninjin (Carrot)

Brightening moisture for combination skin with a tint that
changes color to enhance skin tone with a healthy-looking glow.
Contains Color Change Powder to enhance skin tone naturally, Glycylglycine to prevent visible pores, and Peony Root Extract to smooth skin.

Quick Matte Moisturizer Oil-free, RM150

Key Ingredient: Biwa no ha (Loquat leaf)

Since ancient times in Japan, loquat has been valued for both its delicious taste and properties for promoting healthy and beautiful looking skin. Its leaves are rich in antioxidants that help suppress sebum breakdown.

This oil-free, clear gel emulsion is infused with the power of loquat leaves to hydrate and mattify skin for less visible pores and suppressed shine.

Color-smart Day Moisturizer Oil-free SPF 30,  RM150

Key Ingredient: Biwa no ha (Loquat leaf)

An oil-balancing, mattifying emulsion with sun protection and a tint that changes color to enhance skin tone.

Intrigued? Get to know the WASO range in person at their Malaysian launch on 19 August 2017! And just like WASO, it’s a launch with a twist– a morning garden rave featuring live music, terrarium workshops, little stalls and a food tasting! Find out how to win free mystery gifts and two free passes to this event right here.

Shiseido WASO will be available at selected Shiseido counters in August 2017. Visitors can also catch a special sneak peek at the exclusive WASO counter on the Ground Floor of Mid Valley from 31 July – 6 August 2017.

For more information, visit Shiseido’s website and Facebook.