This Is The Sheet Mask For All Coffee Lovers

For when your morning and afternoon cuppas just aren’t enough.

I love coffee. I also love sheet masks. So this mask is basically a dream come true for me.

Fellow coffee lovers, say hello to the Hiddencos Americano and Latte Masks!

The masks don’t just come cute coffee-cup shaped packets– they’re actually enriched with real caramel, coffee extract, caffeine, and oddly enough, “flavouring” in its ingredient list, so it probably smells delicious! And according to a review on Reddit, “it’s a straightforward, very edible, sweet, sugary coffee smell. This smells and feels like I’ve face-planted into a vat of deathly sweet, strong coffee pudding.”

I’m sold.

But before you think they’re just an adorable gimmick, the masks are designed to work like a cup of coffee for your skin– Colombian Arabica coffee extract moisturises and nourishes tired skin, while adenosine, an amino acid, helps with wrinkles and niacinamide promotes clearer, brighter skin. Other impressive ingredients on the list include chamomile water, witch hazel extract, and aloe extract to soothe, and hyaluronic acid to hydrate.

Pretty impressive, though I was already a lost cause at the prospect of a sheet mask that smells like coffee!

The two masks differ in colour (the Americano mask is coloured brown like a cup of black coffee, while the Latte option is an opaque white to reflect the soothing milkiness of a latte) as well as function. The Americano mask targets dry skin with moisturising effects, and the Latte mask is supposedly good for dull skin and wrinkles.

If you’re a coffee junkie just like me, you can find these masks on Jolse for USD13.58 (RM58) for a box of 10. You can bet these masks are already sitting pretty in my shopping cart for my next haul!