Say Bye Bye To Dark Circles Under One Minute!

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Working late nights, constant scrolling on Instagram and not getting enough sleep results in a lot of side effects and one of them is the dark presence of dark circles under the eyes. Having it under control may take a bit more time and patience but is there an easy and quicker way to hide them? Yes, friends, there is!

This one-minute concealer hack will leave you with a smooth, non-greasy, long lasting and bright under eyes. Intrigued? Read on!

Step 1: Eye Cream

Prep your under eyes with a light and hydrating eye cream. This helps to moisturise the skin and provides a smoother base. Use one that contains green tea extract or vitamin C so it can also help to brighten up the area. Gently pat the product around your eye area with your ring finger.

Bonus: If you’re prone to get puffy eyes, pop a metal spoon in the freezer the night before. Place the spoon on the puffy area until it’s warm.

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