The Right Way To Use Sun Protection

Living in a perpetual state of summer as we do, it’s crucial to load up on sun protection. Supergoop! brand founder Holly Thaggard shows us the easy way to do it.


Supergoop! is the only brand that’s dedicated solely to sun protection. Tell us more about it.

“We’re building skincare products and a foundation in protecting the skin from sun damage. What differentiates us most is that our formulas feel amazing on the skin, they’re high performing and we avoid controversial ingredients – healthy ingredients are very important to us. We’re delivering it in unique ways such as in body butter, facial makeup setting mist, loose powder, lip gloss and so many more. The reason for that is that we want people to incorporate it in their daily regimen and we know that if you make it hard, they’re less likely to protect their skin. We deliver both mineral and chemical formulas for different types of skin.”

Professional tennis player Maria Sharapova is your co-owner. How did that come about and how has she helped boost your brand presence?

“Maria’s amazing! She’s 29 now and she’s got this business savvy that I hardly see in anyone her age. She and her agent approached me after she’d already been wearing Supergoop! for several years. The everyday formula was something she found in Sephora and was very passionate about it because it’s the only sunscreen she’s been able to compete in and not have it run in her eyes. And that’s very important for a professional athlete. So when she reached out to us in 2014, she really just wanted to thank me. What became of that was her wanting to own part of the company and to really get the word out because we have such a big message. What I love about her is that she’s genuinely passionate about something that I’m passionate about too. She’s definitely helped raise awareness for our brand as Maria’s well-known throughout the world.”

Photo: Supergoop!

What are some of the misconceptions people have about sun protection?

“The first one is that SPF in their makeup is enough. It’s actually not, because you don’t apply it as generously as you should to get the stated amount of protection. If you apply your tinted moisturiser or your foundation generously, you’d look like you had a big ol’ cake on your face. We’re really taught to use our makeup pretty conservatively to get a natural glow and that’s not how SPF should be applied. The second one is that sunscreen lasts all day so they don’t need to reapply. That’s absolutely not true! The sun breaks down all sunscreens, no matter the formula after three or four hours, so if you find yourself outside around 4 o’ clock, and you haven’t reapplied since morning when you put your makeup on, sun damage will happen.”

What are the areas of the body that people often forget to protect?

“The eyes, lips and hands. People tend to avoid the eye area cos they think sunscreen is going to burn their eyes, but the eyes are where you start to see lines and wrinkles first. It’s also where dermatologists find skin cancer first. For lips, people don’t realise that lipstick magnifies the UV rays and the skin is thinner in that area.”

Is it ever too late to start sun protection if you’ve never used it before?

“The earlier the better, for sure, but it’s never too late. When you skin cells are not protected, they’re replicating damaged cells, so every bit of protection you can give them to replicate healthier cells is better. And what I love about so many of our formulas it that they have the antioxidants that work to correct signs of ageing.”

Name five Supergoop! essentials everyone needs.

“The City Sunscreen Serum, not only does it delivers UV protection but also provides environmental protection. It’s so lightweight and hydrating that you’d want to apply it everywhere generously and that’s the way SPF should be applied. The Defense Refresh Setting Mist delivers SPF50 and does it while mattifying the face, so if you have any shine in the afternoon, it takes care of that. The Anti-Aging Eyecream SPF37 comes with a cooling tip that depuffs the eyes and it gives a nice luminous finish. A little goes a long way. The Shine On Lip Screen is gloss that goes right on top of your lipstick, allowing your lip colour to shine through while still providing high SPF. And the Forever Young Hand Cream works on any discolouration or age spots on your hands while strengthening your nails.”

Supergoop! is currently available online at and will hit Sephora Stores starting June 2017.

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