The Right Way To Use Face Oils On Oily Skin

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“I have super oily skin, so I shouldn’t be using face oils on my skin! Won’t it make me oilier or cause break outs?”

Hands up if you’ve ever thought that before! Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Everyone has probably heard that face oils should be kept far away from oily skin and should be used only on dry and dehydrated skin.

But guess what?

It’s an absolute myth that you shouldn’t use face oils on oily skin. A great facial oil can actually help control oil production and heal skin by restoring the balance of oils produced by your skin. When stripped of oil, your face can overproduce its own oily sebum, which acne-causing bacteria love.

And don’t forget that face oils are packed with tons of vitamins, amino acids, and anti-oxidants, and certain oils even contain anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties to soothe and heal irritation, which is great for treating breakouts and scarring.

The key is choosing the right face oils to give you a glamorous, healthy glow! Pick oils that won’t clog your pores. Every natural oil comes with a comedogenic rating which measures its likelihood to clog pores, so be sure you pick one low on the scale! And to get the most out of your face oil, mix a little into your moisturiser or apply a thin layer after your moisturiser, as the last step in your skincare routine.

Ready to add some oils to your routine? Here are some of our favourites!

1. Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Kiehl’s, RM243

A replenishing nighttime facial oil with distilled botanicals that regenerates, replenishes skin and visibly restores the appearance of skin by morning.

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