How to Restore Your Hair For Shinier, Healthier Tresses

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Is your hair suffering from the hustle and bustle of life? Find out how to reboot your locks no matter the damage it may be suffering from.

#1 Over-processing


Rose gold, unicorn or mermaid hues are magical and everyone wants to feel special.  But once we get home from the salon and wash hair on our own,  our locks can feel like they’ve been replaced by a pile of hay and that’s no surprise considering how much work your hair has gone through such as the multiple rounds of bleaching and colouring.

Solution: If laying off the colouring process is hard for you, then be sure to load up on ingredients that strengthen the hair shaft. Sulphate-free products not only ensure the longevity of the colour but they are also loaded with ingredients that strengthen the internal structure of the hair, keeping it shiny.

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1. Over-processing

Pureology Strength Cure Restorative Masque, RM130

2. Frizzy Strands

Neal’s Yard Remedies Nurturing Rose Shampoo and Conditioner, RM106 each

3. Hair Loss

Three Scalp & Hair Refining Treatment Oil, RM147

4. Oily Scalp

H20+ Beauty Eucalyptus & Aloe Revitalizing Shampoo, RM69

5. Brittle Tresses

Kiehl’s Damage Repairing &  Rehydrating Leave-In Treatment, RM90




Taken from print. Original text by Ilicia Alias.


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