Get A Plumper Pout Using Just Concealer | #FemaleExpressBeauty

 This no-fuss nifty trick to create plumper lips only requires one major product: concealer! 

Lips come in different shapes and sizes: thin, wide, pouty, small. Personally, I think they’re all beautiful, but some of you might think that plumper lips might compliment your face more. Being born with a small mouth myself, I can definitely relate to wanting bigger lips to balance my facial features out a li’l! If you don’t want the commitment of lip injections, and hate the ‘overdrawn lips’ look- sorry, Kylie Jenner!- I’ve tried out another super easy technique that’ll create the illusion of a fuller pout by highlighting certain areas of your lip.

What you need: Concealer (preferably stick) or nude pencil, lip colour of choice and thin lip brush (optional)

Step 1: Make sure your lips already have some colour on them. Draw a thin ‘X’ mark with your concealer on your upper lip, right in the middle just under where your Cupid’s bow is. Essentially, you’ll be highlighting certain parts of your top lip to create the illusion of a bigger pout.

Step 2: Use your fingers to blend the ‘X’ in and make the effect look more natural. Top with another light coat of lip colour (try to stay away from heavy, pigmented colours) if you wish.

And there you have it! The result is very subtle, but it works!



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