We Tried Peripera’s Newest Airy Ink Velvet Lip Tint

An air-like tint that delivers on all its promises.

I’ve never been able to find a lip tint or liquid lipstick that could last more than an hour on my compulsively- chewed lips or one that didn’t make my lips shrivel up unflatteringly.

That is until I tried Peripera’s range of impressively long-wearing lip products. From the standard water-based tint that first established Peripera as the go-to brand for seriously long-wearing tint, they’ve since released a range of tints in moist glossy and creamy matte formulas. Their Ink Velvet range, in particular, was adored for its trendy MLBB shades that weren’t common to Korean brands at the time.

The latest addition to the range, the Airy Ink Velvet, is a souffle cream lip stain with a matte-like finish that applies and wears like air. It promises easy application, long-lasting colour and feather-light comfort. Of course, I had to try it.


The fuzzy petal-shaped doefoot applicator lays down a soft cushiony veil of colour. True to its name, the formula of Airy Ink Velvet feels as light as air while being effortlessly spreadable. You’ll have a decent window of time to push the richly pigmented colour around on your lips (great for gradient lips!) before it dries down to a comfortable, velvety matte finish that does not transfer or budge at all.

In true Peripera fashion, this product lasts for a good 6-8 hours through drinks and meals, and fades to leave behind a pretty stain. And the stain is a serious one, which caused my boyfriend to worriedly ask throughout the night if I had a fever because my lips were, in his words, “so red”. The next morning – despite washing my face with my usual oil and foam cleansers the night before – I woke up with my lips still stained red, much to his distress. Holy grail, right there. (Both the lip tint and the boyfriend.)

The best part? Unlike a lot of long-wearing matte products, it doesn’t feel like it sucks the moisture out of your lips. Thanks to the cotton seed oil, green tea seed oil, and mango seed oil suspended in its unique ‘airless gel’ formula, it keeps your lips comfortably hydrated! To my surprise and joy, after applying the Airy Ink Velvet without any lip balm, my lips felt pillowy soft and plump. In fact, it seemed to even cover up some dryness and flakiness. What magic is this?

peripera ink airy velvet swatch

Before and after applying #3 Sold-Out Red. 

Unfortunately, there is a bit of a soapy smell and taste to these tints which might turn some people off. It fades after a while but can be a little disconcerting if you eat or drink something right after application. On the upside, it kept me from licking or chewing my lips!

The Airy Ink Velvet comes in five shades – two warm and cool reds, a soft orange-toned pink, a bright coral pink, and a nude rose MLBB shade.  Fairly standard shades so far, but if their past releases are anything to go on, you can expect they’ll add more unique seasonal shades to the collection.

If you’re like me and love truly long-wearing but non-drying lip colour, you can’t go wrong with anything from Peripera. The Airy Ink Velvet especially has an incredibly unique formula and finish that isn’t common in long-wearing tints. I adore it, and I definitely reccomend giving them a try.

Starting today, all five shades are now available exclusively on Hermo for the special price of RM39.90 each.

From 11 – 24 April, with every purchase of one Airy Ink Velvet on Hermo, you can get Peripera’s dedicated lip tint remover for RM 16.90. Or be one of the first 100 customers to buy two, and get the remover for free! (Trust me, you’ll need it.)