1957, The Latest Chanel Perfume Is A “Skin Scent”

The third creation in the LES EXCLUSIFS DE CHANEL line of scents- a range meant to evoke the unexpected – has been released and boy, is it something we never thought we’d see.

Composed by perfumer-creator Olivier Polge in cooperation with the CHANEL Laboratory of Fragrance Creation and Development, 1957 is an embodiment of the mystery of the deceptively simple CHANEL style. In other words, a skin scent.

So what is a skin scent? Unlike the usual perfumes with a strong, deliberate fragrance profile, skin scents are softer, more subtle, and are designed to blend in with its wearer’s natural skin chemistry, creating a deeply personal scent that becomes unique to the person that wears it. In other words, a skin scent will almost always smell good on anyone.

1957 itself is a layered composition of eight white musks that contribute to its clean, adaptable profile. Described as a “balance of creamy softness, enveloping comfort, and light perfused with discreet power”, the scent also features vanilla and honey notes.

“I opted to work with musk, more specifically white musks. Their whiteness hides a great complexity: enveloping, they emit a more or less pronounced light, and vary in their soft and sensual effects,” explains Olivier Polge. “1957 is a skin scent that, more than others, is revealed fully on the unique chemistry of each person’s skin.”