Paul & Joe Beaute (And Their Adorable Cat Lipstick) Is Now Available At Sephora!

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I challenge you to find me a cuter makeup product that this.

Maybe I’m a little biased, but cats are the best. Put a cat on anything and I’ll love it. And again, I’m still biased, but cats (*cough* unlike mermaids or unicorns *cough) are no passing Instagram fad– just look at the Ancient Egyptians. They definitely knew what’s up.

So when Sephora announced that they would be bringing in Paul & Joe Beaute, the cosmetics arm of the Paul & Joe fashion brand, that could only mean one thing to me: CAT LIPSTICK.

The Treatment Lipstick (RM80 per refill, RM40 per case), which moisturises like a lipbalm, comes in the most adorable cat-shaped bullet! Of course, with a shaped bullet like that, there’s no way to use it without wearing down the shape. While it may hurt to lose the cat, the formula is so nourishing and moisturising (thanks to collagen and orange honey oil) that you won’t mind it too much.

For a cat that lasts, you might want to wait for their Limited Edition 2017 collection, which features not just the most adorable print of cats frolicking around, but a lipstick with a cat face-shaped core that runs throughout the lipstick so you’ll never have to worry about wearing away your poor cat.

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