The One Product You’ll Find In Any Jetsetter’s Handbag

What can be found in any jetsetter’s handbag?

A hand cream, of course. And here’s why!

We all know the pains of having too many things in your carry-on, which can easily become a hassle. But dry skin and smelling less than fresh are hassles themselves. That’s why we recommend dual-function products like a scented hand cream instead of perfume so you get to moisturise and refresh your body scent in one go.

Now, here’s the one that should be your pick.

The light texture of Chanel’s La Crème Mains instantly melts away and is quickly absorbed by the skin. So, there’s none of that oily after-feel normally associated with hand creams. As for the scent, you’ll get a soft, floral aroma from the combo of may rose wax (that works to soften and protect the skin) and iris pallida, renowned for its brightening properties. And finally, the ergonomic white stone design fits perfectly in the palm of your hand– or in any bag!


From the print edition.