Office Skincare Woes and Hacks

Working life brings with it a very specific set of skincare problems, especially if your job requires you to spend eight hours in an office. The dry air-conditioned air can desiccate your skin, the glaring computer screen strains your eyes, and it’s always so darn hot during lunch hour!

These problems are easily remedied with skincare, but no matter how laid back your office may be, you can’t exactly dive into your full skincare routine at your desk. Sigh. #FirstWorldOfficeProblems.

But don’t worry! These are our smart solutions to your office skincare woes.


PROBLEM: The air-conditioning dries out your skin

This is the worst. You know how it goes: you start the day with your meticulous skincare routine, loading up on your toner, essence, serum, ampoule, moisturiser, and sunscreen. Great! Your skin is hydrated and happy, and you feel wonderful.

But at 3 pm, you start noticing the signs. Your face feels tight. You sneak a peek in the mirror and your skin is dull, sallow, drained of colour and life. When you touch it, it feels like paper. It’s the air! Air-conditioning can cause the humidity in the air to drop. That lack of moisture in the air dries out your skin.

SOLUTION: Moisturise. If you don’t want to be caught smearing moisturiser onto your face at your desk, use a facial spray or stick moisturiser. Hands-free and convenient!


PROBLEM: You went out for lunch and now you’ve sweated off all your sunscreen

Sunscreen is key to a good skincare routine. But a lot of sunscreen isn’t sweat-proof, and dermatologists advocate reapplication every 2 hours! If you’re walking out in the full blast of the afternoon sun, you’re almost certainly going to sweat off your sunscreen.

But how do you reapply it when you’re stuck at your desk? Patting on sunscreen with our grubby post-lunch hands doesn’t sound very appealing. It might be hard to control the greasiness and white-cast that comes with most sunscreens as well.

SOLUTION: Korean sunscreen sticks, which claim to top up your sun protection, control oil and moisturise without messing up your makeup! Win.


PROBLEM: Your eyes are shriveling up from staring at a computer all day

The human eye was never meant to squint at the glare of a computer screen for eight hours a day. The amount of time we spend looking at screens is actually really bad for eyes. You’ll recognise the familiar symptoms of eye fatigue: blurred vision, dry eyes, even headaches. Your eye bags and dark circles will also magically look worse. Thanks, office life.

Sadly, computers are an unavoidable necessity of modern office work now, so what are you gonna do?

SOLUTION: Eyedrops, eyedrops, eyedrops.  Eyedrops are instant relief in a bottle, because they relubricate dry eyes and replace the moisture your computer screen seems to have sucked out of them. Just be careful not to mess up your eye makeup! Besides that, a stick of eye cream is a convenient way to soothe tired eyes!



PROBLEM: Your face is turning into an oilslick

Remember our air-conditioning problem? When your skin dries out, it can start to produce oil to overcompensate for the dryness. The tell-tale heavy itch that starts in your T-zone is a sign that your skin is getting a little bit greasy.

SOLUTION: You could use a powder pact, but we love oil blotting paper. Especially the Japanese ones. These absorbent sheets are as discreet as a pack of tissue, and no one will look twice if they catch you dabbing delicately at your face with it. It’s also less mess; no powder puffs or brushes required!


PROBLEM: You smell like the coffee shop you went to for lunch

Oh, lunch was great, but you probably don’t want to smell like it! The poor ventilation and food smells in eateries can cling to your skin and hair, leaving you feeling gross. Easy, a spritz of perfume should fix that! Except that you work in a cubicle and your neighbours may not appreciate the sudden cloud of fragrance.

SOLUTION: Keep a rollerball or solid perfume at your desk to touch up your scent without announcing it to the whole office.

So there you have it! Tell us your office skincare woes or hacks! Until then: