Why You Need To Take A Closer Look At Your Scalp

If you’re experiencing hair loss or dandruff, you should look down to your roots.

Photo: Unsplash

Good hair starts from the scalp. It’s quite common for us to experience the pains of an oily, sensitive scalp due to the humid climate Malaysia has all year round. But that doesn’t mean we can’t do something about our scalp, and here’s where Schwarzkopf Professional is stepping in to help.

With the goal to achieve healthy scalp and hair, the new Schwarzkopf BC Scalp Genesis range is formulated to prevent dry, sensitive, oily, dandruff and hair loss. It’s formulated with Vitamin B3, B5, E and Biotin to help fortify and strengthens hair follicles while moisturising the scalp.

“A balanced healthy scalp is what most of us want and with a scalp detox, we can now protect the scalp by tackling the source instead of just targeting the symptoms,” says Gary Taylor, Care Ambassador for Schwarzkopf Professional UK.

BC Scalp Genesis Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, RM85

BC Scalp Genesis Root Activating Densifying Foam, RM70

BC Scalp Genesis Root Activating Serum, RM120

BC Scalp Genesis Soothing Serum, RM110

BC Scalp Genesis Soothing Shampoo, RM85

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