The Moisturising Products This Korean Model Swears By For Flawless Dewy Skin

If you told us that the no-makeup, dewy skin look first found its footing on the faces of runway models, we’d totally believe you! No matter how artistic and edgy the makeup trends, natural effortless healthy skin has always been a mainstay on the runways. So you can bet that models know a thing or two about taking care of their skin– especially when you consider how good they are expected to look despite how tough modelling actually is.

Just look at Korean model Hong Jisu!

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Even off the runway, she has the glowy, dewy, glassy skin of our dreams. Her go-to skincare brand? Belif.

“Belif is such a good brand that it makes up a big portion of my skincare routine,” she told Teen Vogue at New York Fashion Week.  “I love the Hungarian Water Essence and the Aqua Bomb!”

belif aqua bomb

Belif Hungarian Water Essence, Belif The True Cream – Aqua Bomb

Belif is a herbal-based skincare brand dedicated to using herbs extracted in a safe and modern way to treat and protect skin. Their Hungarian Water Essence (RM180) is described as an essence of Hungarian water enriched with Jasmine water to replenish skin’s hydration levels and moisture barrier. The now cult favourite Aqua Bomb (RM170) cream is a gel-type cream that supplies instant moisture thanks to Lady’s Mantle herb extract. All Belif products are completely vegetarian and formulated without mineral oil, synthetic fragrance, dyes and preservatives.

So if you needed more convincing, the key to good skin is moisture, moisture, moisture.

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