Melvita’s New Ice-Fresh Roll On For Eyes Is Never Leaving My Bag

I still remember the very first time I tried Melvita’s best-selling Cornflower Floral Water. The sales assistant soaked a cotton pad in the clear liquid and placed it over my left eye like a cucumber slice in the fancy spas you see in movies.

It felt amazing (a cool damp pad over your tired eyes always will), but what was more stunning was how it left me looking! All puffiness, redness and fine lines seemed to have vanished, and my perpetual dark circles even looked a little lighter due to the plump hydration.

Turns out cornflower floral water is great for soothing tired eyes and feels especially good after long periods of work or staring at a screen– something I really need.

Of course, carting around a bottle of floral water and cotton pads to make your own on the go eye masks isn’t very practical. Melvita must have realised this too, because they’ve created a nifty Cornflower Floral Water roll-on that works just as well, but in a convenient portable format you can bring and use anywhere.

The cool metal rollerball soothes tired eyes, rolls away puffiness, and distributes a nice even layer of cornflower floral water. Bright, refreshed, comfortable eyes anywhere!

The Melvita Ice-Fresh Roll-On For Eyes (RM68) will be available at all Melvita stores and online in August 2018.