Meet The Silicone-Free Botanical-Infused Drugstore Haircare Range You Should Try Right Now

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2. Coriander: A strength source for fragile hair

Coriander isn’t just a garnish– it’s also rich in hair-loving Omega 6 oils, which is why it’s been used in traditional herbal fusions for centuries. Here, coriander extract is infused in airy lightweight textures to reinforce fine fragile hair without weighing it down. This range smells refreshingly green and herbaceous.

“My hair is notoriously baby-fine and limp, so I’m super selective about the products I use. Anything too heavy weighs down my hair, but anything that doesn’t clean well enough makes it oily and limp. Silicone-free hair care, while healthier for your hair in the long run, never worked well for me for this reason. But this time I was stunned by how well this range smoothed and cleaned my hair without the use of silicones! The leave-in Strength Potion also conditioned my hair perfectly, leaving it shiny, airy and strong, with only botanical oils and no silicones. And it smells amazing.”

Yi-Di Ng, Senior Web Writer

Photo: @botanicalsfreshcare / Instagram


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