Malaysia’s First Halal Beauty Online Store Is Here

Say hello to Pretty Suci, Malaysia’s first ever halal beauty online store.

Touted as the first online beauty store to sell exclusively halal-certified beauty products, Pretty Suci is run by the women behind the home-grown halal makeup brand of the same name. The store sells both local and international halal brands and ships internationally in an admirable attempt to make halal beauty more accessible to everyone.


So what constitutes a halal-certified product? Besides the stipulation that all product formulas cannot contain derived from animals such as pigs and dogs, all products must also be handled with clean utensils and formulated with “materials that are not harmful to humans” – which is great for everyone regardless of religion.

In Pretty Suci’s case, halal also goes beyond ingredients and handling to include even “manufacturing, packaging, distribution, and logistics” so you can be sure every product they sell is 100% halal.

Pretty Suci was born when two young entrepreneurs, Tunku Dato’ Kaiyisah Kamil Ikram and Natasha Mohammad Ozeir, decided to share their mutual love of faith and beauty with women all over the world through halal cosmetics. Both women, already successful business women in their own rights, deftly applied their creativity and innovative vision in their global search for the right beauty brands for the store.

“We want to present Prettysuci to the world as a brand that can compete side-by-side with other beauty platforms because halal beauty spreads across cultures and is not just for Muslims,” co-founder Natasha says. “Prettysuci is a brand that gives you options and will stay timeless so be prepared to live with us for a very long time.”

“Beauty is something all women already have intrinsically, and the products we offer via Prettysuci are merely tools with which they can enhance that beauty. Similarly, we hope that Prettysuci’s success will also become a medium of hope and encouragement to women who aspire to creating their own success stories,” adds Tunku Kaiyisah.

Besides brands like Wardah from Indonesia and Kester Black from Australia, Prettysuci’s own products are well-loved and keep in line with their philosophy. Their popular lip creams, for instance, are produced entirely in Malaysia, using only halal-certified and cruelty-free ingredients.



Available in two colors – the nude Cek Mek Molek and berry-hued Minah Jambu – the matte, velvety, non-drying formula gained instant recognition, with more than 4,000 tubes sold via social media since they launched during Ramadan last year.

You’ll find a range of beauty products on Pretty Suci – from hair care to foundation and nail polish! After all, the store wants you to think of them as “Sephora, but for halal beauty!”

This story was adapted from Marie Claire.