The Trick To ‘Lens Flare’ Highlighter Is Actually Really Super Simple

This Instagram makeup artist has mastered the art of applying highlighter that  looks like someone hit you in the face with a J.J. Abrams-worthy lens flare.

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So how do you get your highlighter so literally blinding? Turns out it’s actually super simple.

“Most people apply their highlight with a large fan brush,” @thestudyofmakeup told Allure. “I use a very dense wet eyeshadow brush.”

So instead of diffusing out her highlighter with a fan brush, the more packed and wet eyeshadow brush “condenses the pigment and centralizes it,” she explains. By really packing on and saturating your highlight, the more light it can reflect. Boom. Lens flare.

What’s your favourite highlight? Subtle, glow or flare? ???? THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING THIS BLOW UP ?❤️

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Not much of a surprise there, since this is technique favoured by other Instagram makeup artists.

What’s more surprising is @thestudyofmakeup’s highlighter choice. While you may think that such a gleam can only come from the highest end, finest milled expensive highlighters, she swears by a USD $7 (roughly RM29) powder highlighter from drugstore brand Makeup Revolution. The Blushing Hearts Highlighter in the shade Goddess of Love is “triple baked for maximum pigment pay-off and luminosity,” she says. “I have never found anything else like it.”

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Using an icy white toned highlighter also helps the highlighter seriously pop. “Since white doesn’t absorb light, it only reflects it, it is much brighter and reflective than pink or gold highlighters, which are more popular,” she explains. But more importantly, she says that the best result comes from finding a highlighter that suits your undertones.