The One Trick To Make Your Highlighter Seriously Pop

There’s a time for subtlety, and there’s a time for highlighter so blinding it could send a message to Mars.

Besides pillowy overdrawn lips, fiercely sculpted contour, and perfect eyebrows, a blindingly bright highlight is a staple of the now-famous Instagram look. And if you’ve ever wondered how those Insta-famous beauty gurus get that out-of-this-world glow, wonder no more.

Jeffree Star and Manny Gutierrez tell Glamour the secret to their fabulously on-point highlight.

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After applying your highlighter, don’t stop there. Spritz your brush with a makeup setting spray. With the damp brush, pick up more highlighter and apply that over your previous layer of highlighter. And that’s it!

Adding the extra moisture from the setting spray is key, says Manny. “When you add the extra water, it breaks up the mica a little bit…and boom. It makes it pop!” he told Glamour.

Of course, this tip only works with powder highlighter. Just like applying your eyeshadow with a damp brush, extra moisture allows for a denser application and intensifies the highlighter pigment, making it appear more saturated. Using setting spray instead of plain water also means the application stays sealed on your cheekbones so you can glow all night long.

A word of caution though: highlighters have a way of bringing out any unevenness in skin texture, so be sure to prep your skin properly with regular exfoliation and hydration.