NARS’ Orgasm Liquid Blush And Lipstick Are In Malaysia And We Have Swatches!

Because you can never have too many Orgasms.

“How long have you been in the sun for?” asked my mom when I got home yesterday.

The truth was I hadn’t. I had just stepped out of an air-conditioned car after a 30-minute drive home from an event where they had swept on my cheeks a blush that feels like the unicorn of the makeup world: the formidable NARS Orgasm, but in liquid form.

nars orgasm liquid blush

The new NARS Orgasm Liquid Blush (RM127)

The Orgasm blush, in its original powder form, performs as well as its name is titillating: a soft peachy-pink that works on every skin tone, giving a face the most natural, healthy glow. The abundance of finely-milled gold shimmer flecked through the blush translates into a flushed gleam, while the warm pink blends seamlessly into skin to give the semblance of inner warmth radiating out.

The result? Flushed, glowy cheeks that look like you’ve just been frolicking in the sun! (Or in bed, depending on what time your mother catches you traipsing home.) And worldwide adoration.  

When NARS announced that they were releasing Orgasm in liquid and lipstick forms as part of their Summer 2017 Collection, the beauty world went wild! And they’ve finally made their way to Malaysia.

The NARS Orgasm Summer Collection

The NARS Orgasm Summer Collection

Orgasm Liquid Blush (RM127): A milky opaque liquid that blends out so sheer and smooth for a diffused flush. You know when you’ve been out in the sun and you can still feel and see the heat coursing under your skin? That’s what it looks like. It’s nowhere as shimmery as its powder counterpart, but its natural dewy finish more than makes up for that, and may even be preferable for some.  

Orgasm Lipstick (RM97): This swatches on way frostier than it does on lips, where it leaves a sheer pink stain topped with a hint of gold shimmer. At the launch, the NARS girls were wearing them as a topcoat on their lips and on the tops of cheeks as a highlighter, which looked incredibly pretty and chic.

Limited Edition Orgasm Blush (RM127): The original powder blush, in pretty new limited edition packaging: a swanky rose-gold ombre box and the same black package with the word ORGASM emblazoned proudly in pink. (There was a point in time where you couldn’t find the Orgasm blush by its name here in Malaysia, only by its covert product code instead!) Interestingly, the limited edition blush comes in a sleeve with the name conspicuously missing. I prefer to apply this with a very light hand, as the pink can easily overwhelm lighter skin tones.

The Limited Edition packaging

And here are the swatches:

nars orgasm liquid blush lipstick swatch

Swatches: Lipstick on top, Liquid Blush on the bottom.

The new Orgasm range is available at all 5 NARS outlets in Malaysia, including their newly opened one in Sunway Pyramid. Judging by the huge response, the new liquid and lipstick Orgasm may very well be out of stock now, but the lovely people at NARS assure me they’ll be restocking.

NARS Malaysia Outlets

Pavilion KL
Sunway Pyramid
Gurney Plaza

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