Makeup Monday: Glitter Freckles

Time to jump on this cosmic trend bandwagon!

Photography: Pinterest

There was once a time where freckles were concealed rather than flaunted and those days are long behind us. Today, we embrace the beauty of imperfections and highlight them instead cos true beauty is unique and individual. What was seen as an obstacle to a flawless complexion is currently a huge beauty trend. The faux-freckle face is where you add light and natural-looking dots around your nose and cheek area using a brow pencil or liner for a more youthful and fresher look. Now, introducing an upgraded take on this trend: glitter freckles. It’s cute, fun and lights you up even better than a facial highlighter does when the light hits your face. Best of all? It’s a super-easy look; you can finish in just three steps and still make a statement.

Step 1: Prime face with a primer and apply foundation for a smooth base.

Step 2: Take one (or two if you like) coloured glitter liner and dot your nose and cheek area. Build up as much as you want to for your desired effect.

Step 3: Add a touch of lip colour and you’re done!

Check out our take on it. Tell us what you think.