Clé de Peau’s New Lip Glorifier Is The Balm That Does Everything

Of all the beauty products in my (admittedly vast) collection, there’s a special place in my heart reserved for the simplest, but hardest working essentials that do what they say on the tin, and do it well. Extra props if they can multitask, and take care of more than one step!

With Clé de Peau‘s upcoming seasonal releases, there’s one product that looks set to take that cherished place in my collection: the intriguingly named Lip Glorifier.

Like a product after my own heart, this sleek little number does three things at once: moisturises, tints, and primes.

As a balm, the blend of shea butter, safflower and argan oil suffuses lips with hydrating moisture. At the same time, the Lip Glorifier provides a custom hint of colour to enhance your lips’ natural colour. Finally, like all good balms, it also primes and preps lips perfectly for anything else you might throw on top– although you could very easily just wear it on its own.

With a mix of nourishing oil and colour pigments in its Glow-Up Oil base, you get a subtle yet lustrous and hydrating finish in one swipe. Also plump, soft, and radiantly pink lips– who doesn’t love that?

Check out the Lip Glorifier and the rest of Clé de Peau’s new Autumn-Winter releases at all counters nationwide, starting July 2018.