Can A Bobby Pin Give You Perfect Winged Liner?

Of all the makeup struggles we face, we can all probably agree that drawing the perfect winged liner is probably one of the hardest.

Who else can relate?

An Instagram makeup artist has a new method that might just help you master the elusive flawless wing, and all you need is a little tool you probably already have lying around somewhere.

Bobby pins!

In order to make this trick work though, you’ll need the kind of bobby pin that splays open at the ends instead of the ones that meet in a narrow point. A large one would be better.

Paint the arms of the pin with liquid liner.

Then stamp the pin against the corner of your eyes. If you angle the pin so it aligns with the slant of your lower lash line…

…you should have the perfect outline for your wing!

Fill in the outline and line your upper lash line with your eyeliner of choice.

In our experiments, we found that this worked only if your eyes aren’t set too deeply! As the bobby pin’s arms aren’t very flexible, it won’t stamp well on an uneven surface.

Watch the full video below:

This tip will join the list of other tools resourceful makeup artists have co-opted in their journey to winged perfection: sticky tape, a spoon, a business card… the list goes on!