5 Scary Facts About Your Makeup and Beauty Products

It’s time to stop doing that to your dry mascara wand, guys.

scary facts about makeup

How many of you are such big makeup junkies like us that you can (almost) never finish a single product but still keep buying new ones in fresh colours? Not only does it mean you can’t redeem rewards from recycling your product empties, but they’ll all begin piling up – cos somehow we wouldn’t throw a half-empty product away.

It may seem like that mascara or foundation will come in handy one day when you’ve run out of your current fave, but it can actually do more harm than good. BuzzFeed gave us a quick insight as to how terrifying it can be:

1. Products that come in jars can become a breeding ground for bacteria. So be sure to wash your hands before dipping your fingers into your moisturizer.

2. Frequently replace any products that you use near the eye area to reduce the risk of eye infections.

3. Acne products should also be changed often as they tend to expire sooner due to the medications in the formulas.

4. “All-natural” or plant-based products tend to have a shorter shelf life as they usually have no preservatives in them.

5. Re-moistening (a.k.a warming with your breath) your dry mascara actually increases the risk of bacterial growth.

Check out the video below for more scary facts about makeup: