FEMALE Beauty Faves: Tips To Create The Cutest Puppy Eye Makeup

What better makeup to celebrate the Year of the Dog than the famous puppy eye look? The sweet, innocent look is one of the most recognisable K-beauty exports and top Korean makeup guru Jung Saem Mool has got the tips to create the perfect puppy-eyed look.

The key to the puppy eye look is all in the eyes. Think of a puppy’s deep-set, slightly droopy, and irresistibly adorable eyes, and then imagine that on yourself.

To start, you’ll need add dimension to your eyes with a light shimmery shadow across your lid and a natural matte shade around the outer corners and lower lash line to contour.

Now the key to the puppy look is the liner. Instead of the upwards flick that characterises the famous cat-eye, the puppy eye is created by bringing your liner down at the outer corner, following the natural curve of your eye.

For an even cuter look, smudge the liner with a dark eyeshadow in a similar shade. Extra shading at the corner of the eyes adds to the puppy dog look by creating the illusion of deeper eyes.

Mascara also goes a long way towards creating the wide-eyed cuteness you’d associate with your favourite puppy– just use the wand to fan out your lashes horizontally so they frame your eyes, or amp up the look with falsies placed strategically

Watch Jung Saem Mool demonstrate the techniques below: