FEMALE Beauty Faves: A K-pop Idol’s Secrets To Flawless K-Beauty Makeup

Do you ever admire a Korean idol’s flawless makeup and wonder how they achieve the look?

When it comes to learning the secrets behind Korean stars’ perfect on-and-off stage beauty, there’s no one better to share them other than the idols themselves. As a member of one of Korea’s most popular female band Girls’ Generation, Tiffany Young is undoubtedly well-seasoned in the art of K-beauty.

In her 18-step beauty routine tutorial with Vogue, she shares her favourite makeup tips she swears by to achieve that every day, radiant idol look.

1. Create a gradient on the cheeks for a centred definition

Tiffany explains that she has a more narrowed and longer face, so to shorten the length of it, she creates an illusion of a centred definition with gradient colours around her cheeks. First, she applies some blush lightly on the apples of her cheeks. Then, she reaches out for a slightly darker shade of blush and applies it directly below the pupil (while looking straight) by tapping the product on with her finger.

2. Highlight under the eyes and T-zone

You may be familiar with applying highlighter on your cupid’s bow and above your cheekbones, but that’s not the case for Tiffany. With her favourite Too Faced highlighter, she lightly brushes the product on the bridge of her nose and her T-zone. She also uses a tapping motion to highlight the area under her eyes and extends higher to above her cheeks.

3. Accentuate the jawline with bronzer

To emulate a sun-kissed glow and add warmth to her face, Tiffany loves using matte bronzers instead of one with a shimmery finish. While she generously applies the product along her hairline and high points of her face, she emphasizes that the most important part for the application is not around the cheeks area, but along the jawline to create a sharp definition between the jaw and the neck.

4. Stamp out lip colour instead of applying in full

You may have a habit of applying lip colours fully on your lips or even using a lip liner for a fuller look, but Tiffany’s secret to those kissable lips is none of those techniques. Instead, she applies liquid lipstick on the centre of her lips and uses her finger to blot the product out so that it creates a gradient of darker in the middle and lighter on the outer part for a more natural look.

Watch her full-face makeup tutorial below.

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