Makeup Monday: This Watercolour-Inspired Look Could Be The Prettiest Way To Wear Blush

Like many stationery buffs, I went through a watercolour phase at one point in my life. I just adored how translucent and beautiful the paint looked on paper, especially when the different colours blended and pooled together.

Sort of like this:


Now imagine that on your face! I thought it was a magnificent idea when I saw it on Korean beauty guru Pony, so when we engaged makeup artist Nass for our Makeup Monday shoot, I had her try it on me!

You’ll need three different shades of blush for this look, but trust me, the effect is pretty well worth it! P.S. This is also a great way to put all the blush shades in your favourite face palette to use.

Step 1: Start with a sheer blush – powder or cream is fine, as long as it goes on sheer and transparent – in the reddest tone you have. Concentrate this right below your eyes.

Step 2: Now take a warm-toned blush and apply that from the outer edge of the red blush, sweeping it up and out to the edges of your face. Layering here is key to getting that lovely, dreamy watercolour effect, so be sure you overlap the red blush. A small face brush will help concentrate the colour just where you want it!

Step 3: Finally, you’ll need your coolest-toned blush. These’ll usually be blushes that lean lavender or lilac. Apply this around the inner parts of your face. Once again, make sure there’s an overlap between your initial red blush and the cool blush. To finish, bringing the cool blush lightly across the bridge of your nose to unify the entire look.

And there you go, pretty as a painting!