Makeup Monday: How To Do Floral Eyeliner

Get creative with your everyday eye makeup (without going OTT) with this cute liner look.


I’m one of those girls who can never leave the house without putting eyeliner on. It helps me look put-together and more awake; I’m sure most of you can relate. Now if you’re thinking of ways to spice up your everyday staple, especially if you’ve got events to attend, you can try dressing it up by adding cute little flowers. It brightens up your whole look, giving you that fresh Summer vibe. Go ahead and try it. I got compliments the whole day I had it on!

Makeup by: Ling Chong

Step 1: Prime your eyelids with either a primer or foundation. This gets rid of oil and lets your eye makeup stay on for much longer.

Step 2: Line your eyes (close to the lash lines) using a black eyeliner to create a handy outline for the flowers.

Step 3: Using two to three different colours of your liking, draw delicate little flowers, framing your natural eye shape.

Step 4: Pick one colour to dot the centre of the flowers.

Step 5: Finally, coat your lashes with generous lashings of mascara to complete your look.