Makeup Monday: The Easiest Way To Wear Red Eyeshadow

Here’s the next statement colour you should try on your eyes.

What’s the most adventurous colour you’ve worn on your eyes? How about red? A true red is a beautiful contrast against black eyes and hair. 

Did you know that in Japan, young apprentice geisha known as maiko wear red pigment around their eyes as a sign of their youth?

If you want to try it for yourself, but you’re worried it may be too costume-y or dramatic, here’s how to make it wearable. The key is to not use eyeshadow at all.

Makeup artist Kevin Lee uses a matte lip pencil, which applies more precisely and also blends out sheerer than eyeshadow. And after all, if it looks good on your lips, it can look good on your eyes as well. It’s also super, super easy to do.

Step 1 Line your eyes with your favourite eyeliner. Play up the outer corner of your eyes with a wing or a thicker line — it looks great with red eyeshadow.

Step 2 Use a red matte pencil to line your upper lids, just above your eyeliner. Smudge out over the lid with a finger.

Step 3 Line your lower lash line from the outer corner to the middle with the same red lip pencil and blend with a brush.

And there you have it! The speediest and easiest way to wear red on your eyes.

P.S. Try this trick with any shade of lip pencil for subtly dressed-up eyes in an instant.