Makeup ‘Mistakes’ That Make You Age

Here’s what you’re doing wrong…

Sonya Esman Looking tired

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Have you ever questioned yourself why you seem to look older than your actual age with makeup on? And does this lead you to believe that maybe you should just ignore the whole routine? Well, don’t! It’s not the makeup that’s making you look years older; it’s how and where you put them on. We break down the six rules of the right makeup application for a more youthful complexion.

  1. Powder

Going bare is a no-go! We’re not asking you to be ashamed of your imperfections, rather it’s how to make them more appealing to you. Firstly apply liquid foundation to provide a base. Don’t mattify your entire face; instead, powder your T-zone with lightweight powder to keep oil at bay. Avoid powdering your eye area as wrinkles and fine lines are more likely to be enhanced.

  1. Concealer

A few signs of ageing skin are discolourations and dark spots, so don’t skip the concealer. Even though a good medium-to-full coverage foundation can hide them, it’s best to veil them in a layer of skin corrector for the perfect base. Choose a concealer that’s one shade lighter from your skin to mask those panda eyes and brighten up the area. A similar tone to your foundation can be used for blemishes and dark spots.

  1. Blusher

We’ve been told many times to apply blusher on the apples of the cheeks but that’s not exactly how it works. How come? Because when you don’t smile the colour is placed lower than where you thought it’d be. The best tip is to apply the blusher on the upper cheekbones and opt for a natural-looking shade. This will give your face an instant lift!

  1. Lip liner

Kylie Jenner popularised the big pillow-y pout with overdrawn lips, but it may take you 10 years older than your age. For proper application, draw them following your natural lip lines. Make sure the tip of the liner is softened to give you feathery strokes for a natural appearance. If you really like the overdrawn look, suggests to ever-so-slightly draw above your original lip line to accentuate them without looking like a trout.

  1. Brows

As our age increases, the same cannot be said for our hair, and that includes our eyebrows. Leaving your brows to bare it all will make you look older. Additionally, straighter, thicker brows can make you look youthful whilst over-arched brows do the total opposite. Draw thin, short strokes to mimic the brow hair and use a shade similar to your hair colour for a more natural look.

  1. Eyeshadow

The most natural way to enhance your peepers is to opt for neutrals. We’re not against coloured hues, but they are a bit trickier to apply. Play with shimmers for a pretty touch. Apply a lighter shade across the lids and keep the darker ones to the outer corner of the eyes for a sultry effect.


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