How To Deal With Large Pores

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Here’s the thing: you can’t make your pores smaller. The size of your pores are determined at birth and you can’t shrink them any more than you can shrink your belly button

But you can make them look smaller.

First off, what exactly are pores? Don’t hate on them, because they’re actually crucial for your well-being. I’m not being dramatic – pores are openings in your skin where hair follicles grow out of. Your pores produce sebum, an oily mix of fats, proteins, cholesterol and inorganic salts that protects your skin from bacteria and dirt. Sebum is also perfectly formulated to moisturise your skin, preventing dryness and premature ageing. So think of pores not as nasty things to shrink, but as hard-working, life-giving wells that need care and maintenance.

Since pores are basically little holes in your skin, they’re are far more visible when they’re filled with oil and dirt which gives them the illusion of being larger. Without proper cleansing, they can also get clogged and infected, which leads to pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads. And unlike popular advice, pores cannot be ‘opened’ or ‘closed’, but they can be stretched out of shape by harsh treatment.

When they’re nice and clean however, pores just look like… well, skin. This is why your skin looks refined and clear right after washing and toning your face, regardless of your pore size.

So how do you keep your pores clean and looking good?

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