Lancôme’s Reinvented Eye Cream Is What Every Overworked Millennial Needs

A wakeup call for your eyes!

According to a study, the eyes are the first thing we notice about each other and, being humans, judge how old or tired a person is.

Because the skin there is so thin and fragile, exhaustion and fatigue really shows in the eyes in the form of dryness, swelling, puffiness, dark circles, even fine lines and wrinkles that are more pronounced than usual.

So if you’ve just pulled an all-nighter working or binging on Netflix, expect comments from others on how tired you look– something I can unfortunately attest to from lots of personal experience. Concealer can only do so much and last so long, so I turn to skincare for a more long-term solution.

With perfect timing, Lancôme has reinvented its eye contour cream, Advanced Génifique Yeux. The cream is ultra-concentrated with millions of probiotic fractions, the same active ingredients in the famous Advanced Génifique serum, to strengthen the skin and its defences against external stress.

With its youth activating and fatigue-smoothing properties, the Advanced Génifique eye cream will return radiance to your eye area, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while preserving the skin’s transparency for eyes are visibly rejuvenated, bright and refreshed.

So binge away!

 The Lancôme Advanced Génifique Yeux eye cream retails at RM245 per jar and is available in all Lancôme stores nationwide.