This Korean Bubble Clay Mask Craze Looks Super Fun!

This not so new product has caught up as one of Instagram’s beauty fads and we so want to try it out.


What is it?

Bubble clay mask helps to get rid of blackheads, excess oil and whiteheads. The product will penetrate deep into the skin to tackle the problem from the roots resulting in a smooth and clean skin. Also it’s fun to use. You either look like a cute fluffy grey bunny or like C.J from Regular Show.

The first product that made it trendy is the Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask from the Korean brand, Elizavecca.

How it works?

The mask is made out of mud and carbonated fizz amongst other ingredients. The mask becomes foamy suds because of its reaction with the oxygen in the air. This is why you get that fluffy bubbles which serves to deep cleanse your skin. Besides that it also helps to leave your skin more awake and well nourished.

How to use?

Apply the paste onto your face with a spatula and even out the product. Try not to place it to close to your nostrils because it will foam up and you’ll experience some discomfort in breathing. Wait for 15 minutes for the bubbles to completely develop. In that time you’ll feel a slight tingling sensation from the fizzing on the skin. It it recommended to scrub the mask with your fingers to make sure it all seeps in before you rinse off.


You can checkout our favourite beauty Youtubers, Morgan from The Beauty Breakdown and Kaushal from Kaushal Beauty, try and demo the bubble clay mask for you.


The Beauty Breakdown


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