K-Beauty’s Latest Craze Will Have You Taping Your Face For Instant Facelift!

You can count on South Korea to come up with unusual (but effective) method to achieve beauty with or without pain. A new beauty trend has been making waves as of late and it’s all about getting sharp V-line in mere seconds. The ‘Face Maker Lifting Tape’ is a box of 20 strips of tapes used around your jawline area to give you that slimming effect the nonsurgical way.

This product by Dodo Lab is highly popular amongst both men and women. This definitely beats having to go through the pain of plastic surgery, which is a norm for Koreans, plus it’s a cheaper way to cut off that baby face fat without the pain.

How to use it? Simply tape the strip on your jawline whilst slightly pulling the skin upwards. The strips are translucent so can barely see it on your skin but if you really want to conceal it, nothing like makeup to do the trick.

It’s selling at 5,700 won (RM21.17) and you can purchase them at www.dodolabel.com

See the product in action below:



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