Jennifer Lawrence Gets Real About Her Lipstick Craze

Catch this cool in her L.A. lip story!

On a bright sunny day in an archetypal blue and pink diner in Los Angeles, a cool, confident lady looks strong and feminine in her booth seat. She takes out her magic colour wand and casually applies it on her lips. Who is she? Oh, it’s non-other than Jennifer Lawrence applying Dior’s very first lacquer lipstick!

Talking about LA and her love for lipsticks, JLaw features in this new campaign for Dior’s latest lippie. The French luxury house brand’s new-gen lacquer stick acts like a ‘lip fondant’, smooth and creamy upon application whilst revealing the colour and shine of a lacquer. The technology of this easy-to-use lacquer stick matches the front girl of the campaign who exudes the audacity, femininity and strength of the millennial woman.

The 26 year old revealed that when she was little, she used to put lipstick everywhere on her face – lips, eyelids and cheeks. It’s true what they say, a swipe of colour on the lips can brighten someone’s day and JLaw believes in that statement saying, “If it weren’t for lipsticks, I wouldn’t be happy.” We second that notion!

Catch the full clip below:


Photo credit: Dior


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