Introducing The FEMALE Beauty Awards 2018!

FEMALE Beauty Awards in numbers: 53 categories, 2000 votes, 86 winners!

With the amount of beauty products introduced on a monthly basis, the million dollar question is: can you keep up? 

We say, skip the hype and pick worthy pieces that can really make a difference in your beauty game– which is what the FEMALE Beauty Awards aims to help you with. We take our awards very seriously and you will too after reading about how we made all this happen! These are the results you’ve been waiting for!


What Is The FEMALE Beauty Awards?

If you’re a newbie, it can be extremely hard navigating the world of beauty. As it is, the industry is a fast-paced one that’s driven by trends and consumer requests, which makes it constantly evolve– just when you nail one look, be it makeup, skincare, or hair care (yes, there are trends for everything!), it changes and you’re left with either having to buck up or not jump on the bandwagon at all.

Established four years ago, the FEMALE Beauty Awards serves as a guide to cut through all the hype and help you discover what’s out there in the market that really works, which is why we have different categories for all your beauty concerns.

“It’s both the best and worst part of the job. Coordination for the project starts as soon as the year is over and finishes every August. That’s 6 to 8 months of my year gone just like that. And to think I do this every year!”

– Sarah, Beauty Editor

How Does It Benefit You?

Honestly, how many times have you been stuck for hours at a beauty counter figuring out what to buy, only to be dissatisfied with your purchase? Our pool of winners aims to help you make better choices with what you buy. As always, we’ve taken your votes into consideration with our online voting site (this year, up to 2,000 of you voted!) so you know that the winners are definitely the cream of the crop!

How Is It Different This Year?

We trimmed certain categories to really emphasise what matters. And because you asked for it, we’ve also included fragrances in the line-up for the first time ever! We understand that scents are very much a part of your beauty routine, and it might take a while for our noses to recover, that’s all – no biggie.

There are newly-launched brands that immediately made the cut (here’s looking at you, RiRi!), along with classic beauty powerhouses, so we’ve got a good mix of the usual suspects and newbies too. And finally, representing the voice of what’s fresh and current are our three popular digital influencers – Venice, Kiran, and Nisha – who really helped give this year’s awards a breath of fresh air.