The Internet’s Best Reactions To The Sefarra-Sephora Controversy

Imitation isn’t actually the best form of flattery.

When a new cosmetics boutique opened in Kelantan, it didn’t take long for people to begin to notice that it looked suspiciously very much like a familiar, beloved beauty brand.

Sefarra vs Sephora. Any similarities?

The Sefarra boutique in Kelantan belongs to Farra Fareez who also owns beauty brand Farra Beauty, according to reports. Though the Sefarra physical store just opened a few days ago, the brand has already drawn a slew of online criticism for its name and shopping bag, which looks – and let’s not beat around the bush here – almost exactly the same as Sephora’s signature black and white striped shopping bag.

Source: Facebook

One of Sefarra’s star products appears to be a set of perfume miniatures, labelled as “inspired parfum”, and bear the names (and we assume the imitated scents) of four famous perfumes:Dior Addict, Coco Chanel, Chloe, and Gucci Guilty. The set retails for RM79.

Hilariously, Facebook users, presumably irritated by the blatant plagiarism, have already bombarded Sefarra’s Facebook page with 1-star reviews for an average overall rating of 1.8 Stars. “You don’t deserve any stars,” wrote one user.


To make matters worse, others pointed out that even Sefarra’s loyalty card also appeared to use unlicensed artwork by international fashion artist Megan Hess.

The original poster went on to add that she had contacted Megan’s manager to let her know about the apparent plagiarism and was informed that the team would be looking into it. Megan Hess has produced art for big-name clients like Dior, Prada, Michelle Obama, Vanity Fair, and more, so we think her team probably won’t take this lightly.

And not just that, it also bears more than a passing resemblance to Sephora’s.

Sefarra, on the other hand, has remained largely silent over the matter. Well, they had better buckle up because it looks like a bumpy ride ahead.