How To Repurpose All The Beauty Products You Don’t Use

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Nobody likes to waste, but there’s always going to be a beauty product that doesn’t work for you.

Just like with food, I can’t stand throwing away a barely-used product. And giving an unwanted, lightly-used item to friends or family doesn’t seem very nice or hygienic– unless your friends are okay with it, of course. Thankfully, I’ve mastered the act of finding new ways to use up all the beauty products I can’t use for their intended purposes.

1. Lip Balms

Lip balms you don’t like also work as good nail and cuticle moisturisers. Lip balms are the one thing most people (aka me) seem to hoard, but there are bound to be some bummers in there. Thankfully, even if they don’t nourish your lips as well as you would like them to,  They’re already in convenient portable little containers, and the stick format of lip balm means you can apply them easily to nails with no mess!

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