Here’s Why You Should Do Dry January To Improve Your Skin Health

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Have you ever wondered why you don’t see much improvement in your skin even though you’re being diligent with your skincare routine? It could be the fault of your drinking habits – and we’re not talking about water!

We’re all well aware that drinking too much booze can contribute to health issues such as poor liver function and reduced immunity, but the effects are also noticeable on our faces too. If you’re hoping to find a solution for that persistent inflammation, fixed redness and broken capillaries on your skin, it’s time to consider putting that wine glass down and practice Dry January.

So what exactly is Dry January?

The practice of alcohol abstinence for the whole month of January first started in the UK as a public health campaign. Entering into its fifth year in 2019, Dry January has been growing year-on-year as more people are jumping onto the bandwagon to control their drinking habits and reap the benefit of being sober.

The thought of no alcohol for an entire month sounds torturous if you have a habit of sipping on wine during a quiet night or frequently hanging out with friends for a drink or two. But if you need more convincing to put that liquor down, know that alcohol takes a toll on the skin because it’s effectively a toxin with little nutritional value to benefit your body. Here are more reasons why you should ditch the alcohol if you want to see improvements in your skin!

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