Here’s Why You Need A Dedicated Nighttime Skincare Routine

We all know the drill by now. Getting enough sleep at night is super important for your overall health – physican and mental –  and also for your face! And in recently we’ve also learnt that it’s not just sleep that’s important, but also the products you use on your face at night.

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With that in mind, Sothys has updated and expanded their nO₂ctuelle Night Range, a technology-packed formula to be used specifically at night to make the most of your beauty sleep. I talked to Cinthia Montoro, Sothys’ own international trainer to find out more about why our nighttime skincare partners matter.

Talking to Cinthia Montoro,

FEMALE: Hi Cinthia, nice to meet you! So tell me a little about the range and what you love about it.

Cinthia: Yes, this is our new range of products specifically for the night! We have the Detox Resurfacing Overnight Cream and the Chrono-Destressing Sleeping Mask. It’s all about rejuvenating your skin while you sleep. And even though this range is part of our anti-aging category, it really is for everybody because of its detoxifying properties.

I really love its immediate effects. You wake up in the morning and you can see how much softer and radiant your skin is. Oh and I love the individual single-use packaging of the masks! It’s so convenient.

F: What makes this range so suitable for use at night?

C: It’s all about the ingredients. First of all, there’s the new generation Vitamin C, which is a lot more stable and penetrative and efficient than previous active ingredients. There’s also Nasturtium extract from the flower, which provides more oxygen to your cells for them to work better.

F: What’s the difference between skincare for night and skincare for day? Why do you need to use a different one for the night?

C:  I mean, you could use a day cream for day and night, but I wouldn’t recommend using a night cream for the day because the texture tends to be less comfortable for daytime wear. And daytime moisturisers can also contain ingredients like SPF that you don’t need at night.

So day and night skincare tends to be complimentary– they have different objectives with the different time of day. So you’ll have a more comprehensive routine and results by using separate day and night products.

F: Why is it so important to rejuvenate at night specifically?

C: Your skin is more receptive at night to whatever you put on it. That’s also the time where more regeneration processes happens as your body puts itself to rest and fights against all the stresses and aggressors you may have come into contact with during the day.

F: How many hours of sleep should we be getting for our skin to be able to do this?

C: At least seven! But eight would be the best.

F: A lot of people can’t get enough sleep because they just find it hard to fall asleep. Do you have some tips of your  own on how to unwind and go to sleep?

C: For me, I read! One of the best things most people can do though is to turn on the Night Mode setting on your phones and devices, or don’t use them at all a few hours before bed. Take a nice hot shower or bath, read a book, and you’ll definitely be able to fall asleep.

F: As a trainer, you must travel a lot for your job! How do you make sure you rest well even in different hotel rooms and with the time differences?

C: Yes, almost half of my working time is actually spent outside of travelling! Thankfully I’m an easy sleeper, so I can sleep almost anywhere anytime. Usually I fall asleep in two minutes!

F: What’s your favourite skincare step?

C: I’m using lots of products, but I love leave-on masks the best.

F: Finally, name 5 beauty products you can’t live without.

C: For makeup, it would be mascara and foundation – I really like the natural foundations from Sothys. I think makeup should show off your natural beauty and not cover it up. And for skincare, the Morning Cleanser is one of my favourites – the grapefruit extract smells so good. And I really like the Wrinkle-Targeting Youth Cream moisturiser – I’m concerned about future wrinkles. Finally, the Plumping Lip Balm.

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