Here’s How You Can Fix Frizzy Permed Hair

Q: “I recently permed my hair and now. It’s really frizzy after I wash and blow-dry. How do I get rid of the frizz?” – Teresa Ali, Advertising Manager

A: Your looks become more porous after chemical perming due to the lifting of the lifting of the cuticle layer. And when you shampoo, you release a lot of moisturise by reopening the cuticle layers, which causes flyaway hair.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Condition your hair every day to lock in moisture and smooth frizz.

2. Shampoo on alternate days or only when you feel the grease building up.

3. Allow Hair to air-dry.

4. If you can’t live without blow-drying, use a low-heat setting.

Image: Pinterest

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