Here’s An Easier (And Cheaper) Way To Make Your Own Sheet Masks

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Have you seen that absolutely crazy viral video of a little contraption that prints out your own custom-made sheet masks? Seriously, like a juicer, it devours fruits and vegetables and churns out a perfect hydrogel-esque sheet mask fresh for your use.

Here, I’ll link it for you if you haven’t:

Looks cool? Gimmicky? Finally an easy way to wear all those DIY mask remedies?

Regardless of what you think of it, the machine costs USD$49.99 (RM214). It also appears to be sold out, with no indication of a restock.

Thankfully, being the budget beauty enthusiast that I am, I’ve got my own way of making my own sheet masks– for cheap! Here’s all you need.

1. Sheet Mask Pellets From Daiso

daiso sheet mask pellets

These are easily found at your nearest Daiso for just RM5.90, in the cosmetics aisle (aka home to our other favourite budget beauty buys). They’re simple cotton pellets that expand into a full sheet mask when soaked in liquid. Now here’s where it gets fun.

2. A Liquid Base

Sheet mask essence is made beneficial ingredients and serums suspended in a hydrating liquid. You can use your favourite hydrating toner, at full strength if you’re feeling extra, or thinned out with distilled water. But why stop there? You can also steep a mug of your favourite tea, let cool, and use that instead! Caffeinated teas are rich in antioxidants and tannins, which are great for soothing inflammation and improving circulation. Herbal teas like chamomile are calming and nourishing.

3. Active Ingredients

Remember all those DIY skincare remedies? Think honey, yogurt, turmeric, aloe vera gel, rice water, and/or mashed up fruits and veggies like oats, tomatoes, cucumbers, bananas. Concentrating their essence into your own DIY sheet mask gives you all the goodness, and none of the mess!

I would also drop in some of my favourite serums, ampoules, or face oils– the sheet mask’s high level of hydration and occlusiveness will help them penetrate into your skin better than they would alone.

Let your imagination go wild and gather up your ingredients! Now mix them up in a bowl, making sure it’s more of a liquid than a thick paste. Now drop your sheet mask pellet in. The pellet should readily absorb your concoction in about 15 minutes and you’ll have your very own custom-made sheet mask, 100% tailored to you!

Swipe next to see some examples of DIY sheet masks in practice!

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