Five Tips To Make Fine Hair Look Fuller

First off, fine hair doesn’t necessarily mean thinning hair. In fact, it has nothing to do with how much hair you have at all! Fine hair means your hair strands are small in diameter, so even if you have a lot of it, the entire head of hair doesn’t have much body and is prone to looking limp, flat, and lifeless. 

With the right steps, you can bring the best out of your fine hair! The key is to always understand and work with what you have.

1. Get the right cut

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Ask your hair stylist for a blunt cut. A blunt cut is a straight-across cut along the ends of your hair. While usually derided for being unfashionable or boring, this cut actually makes fine hair look beautifully full, thick, and bouncy. It’s amazing how much healthier and fuller fine hair looks with no layers to thin it!

If you must have some layers for movement, ask for a few gentle long layers that start closer to the crown of your head than your ends. Your hair is fine enough and layers take away the little hair you do have!


2. Change your parting

Change up your parting every few days to stop your hair from going flat. Of course, hair tends to resist a new part, which is why there’s a right way to do it, as this video shows. The most important tool is a comb with a pointed parting handle. 

Place the pointed end against your scalp where you want your part to start and run it firmly through your hair. You can zig-zag the pointed part through your new parting to add volume. If your parting really won’t stay, a few blasts of hairspray or heat should help it hold.


3. Use products

Volumising products either coat your hair strands to make them look thicker, or add lift at the roots. You can find them in spray, mousse, lotion, and even shampoo form. But with any hair product, remember to use them strategically and wash your hair well – too much and it’ll just weigh your hair down.


4. Use heat

Those lush beach-worthy waves you see on the red carpet don’t happen naturally!  A lot of product and styling goes into creating those luscious locks, no matter how natural they look. So even if you weren’t born with a head of wavy, tumbling locks, it’s easy to get the look with heat styling! Curling irons easily create beautiful curls and body easily. But try saving it for special occasions to avoid damaging your hair too much.


5. Clean it good

Once a week, wash your hair thoroughly with a clarifying shampoo. These shampoos are specially formulated to deep clean your scalp and hair to get rid of any sebum or product buildup that can weigh down your fine hair. When your scalp is nice and clean, you’ll love how much lighter your hair looks and feels!