For Glowing Skin, Don’t Leave Out This One Skincare Step

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The key to achieving a clear complexion isn’t actually all that complicated.  All it takes is some commitment and consistency, cos if you want beautiful skin, you’ve got to work for it.

Photo: Coline Haslé / Unsplash

So if you haven’t already got a solid skincare routine in place, it’s time to get started.  And when it comes to building a good skincare routine, you should never forget to include a facial essence into your skin care routine. Why? Essences deliver a benefit-packed punch of goodness to your skin, and the added hydration will do wonders.  Here’s how to pick the right essence for every skin type.


BELIF Numero 10 Essence, RM140

Just like the name suggests, this essence is special cos not only does it contains the extracts of the herb Rose of Jericho, it’s also designed to be used within 10 seconds after you cleanse your face while skin is still damp! Perfect for days when you’re tired and a lengthy skin care routine isn’t something you have the energy for, this essence is just the exact boost your skin needs to feel moisturised.

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