Give Your Man The Easiest Solution To Hydrated, Fresh And Healthy Skin

All it takes is two pumps!

Photography: THE FACE SHOP

When it comes to taking care of our skin, it’s no doubt women make it a priority more than men. Just ask your partner why and he will tell you a multitude of reasons, with skincare being too troublesome and complicated as the main issue. However, he needs to give his skin some TLC too, that’s why THE FACE SHOP has created The Perfect All In-One Essence For Men which combats dry, rough and tight skin, AND protects and nourishes it at the same time!


Minimal and effortless

Deviating from its usual design and logo, The Perfect All In-One Essence For Men is a minimal, clean and straightforward pump bottle. All he needs is two pumps in the morning and he’s ready for the day!

Lightweight, one-step formula

With a texture so light that leaves no sticky feeling, The Perfect All In-One Essence For Men is formulated to provide all the benefits your man needs such as hydration, moisture and nutrition with just a couple of pumps. The star ingredient in this icy blue gel-to-water formula is Ulleung-do Deep Sea Water. It’s mixed with many naturally-derived moisturising agents and will help to create a moisture barrier on the surface of his skin, preventing loss of water.

Fresh from day to night

With the fresh scent, invigorating effect and the Ulleung-do Deep Sea Water, his skin is kept cool protected throughout the day!

How to use: After cleansing, pump The Perfect All In-One Essence For Men twice and apply evenly onto skin. Gently pat until its fully absorbed to increase the cooling sensation.

With the holiday season approaching soon, The Perfect All In-One Essence is a perfect gift for your partner or even your father or brother too!

THE FACE SHOP’s Perfect All In-One Essence For Men, is available in November 2018 onwards at all THE FACE SHOP outlets nationwide and online at Look out for beauty tips and promotion updates when you follow THE FACE SHOP’s Facebook and Instagram!