This Girl Has Discovered The Technique To The Ultimate Glowiest Selfies Ever

A user on Instagram, @milkeu_tea has attracted a healthy amount of attention online for her otherworldly sun-kissed glowy selfies. Her radiant, illuminated complexion has had other Instagram users asking her for her secrets and now she’s shared exactly what she does to get her glow.

Photo: @milkeu_tea / Instagram

First, makeup. She opts for tinted moisturiser or BB cream over foundation– the lighter and dewier the better! And then highlighter, of course. Her highlighter of choice is Maybelline’s Master Strobing Stick, a creamy stick highlighter with micro-fine pearls to create a lit-from-within strobe. Given, it looks like she does have a pretty smooth complexion, which helps the overall look of radiance.

Next, lighting! The right lighting makes the biggest difference, she explains. In fact, she thanks the “direct hella hot Australian sun” for most of her glow.

Caption: @milkeu_tea / Instagram

“Rip my eyeballs while trying to take this ? the things I do for good lighting,” she captions a post. Thanks to its position on the globe, Australia has some of the hardest-hitting sunshine and UV rays in the world– as well as the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. So if anyone’s hoping to try this, sunscreen is a must.

Finally, editing. She pumps up the warmth in all her photos to give them a super sun-kissed and glowy finish.

Photo: @milkeu_tea / Instagram


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