Get To Know Supermodel Elsa Hosk

Stunning, athletic and part of the world’s hottest supermodel #squad, Biotherm Ambassador Elsa Hosk talks basketball, fitness routines and how to live life to the fullest.


Photography: Biotherm

With one of the best bods in the business and representing a new generation of women for whom fitness and health are synonymous with beauty, it’s really fitting that this model-athlete was chosen as Biotherm’s ambassador. Joining the brand’s ‘Live More’ squad, alongside Christy Turlington Burns and fellow Victoria’s Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel, Elsa tells us more about what it means for her to work with the brand.

You’ve had a professional basketball career, can you tell us about it?

“I loved it, I played from the age of seven, a great time of my life. My dad put a basketball hoop up on our quiet street so I practiced every day after school and got pretty good. It went from there; I played for the Stockholm national team until I was seventeen. I miss it a lot! Every time I walk by a court I get itchy fingers and want to join the game. In New York there are so many guys that get together to play and a lot of people watch. I just want to get in there and steal the ball.”

What makes you want to wake up in the morning?

“People, my fans, my job. I love my work. Every day is different so you never know what you’ll get. Sometimes you wake up in a bad mood and you don’t want to wake up and that’s ok too. There are ways to change that, such as thinking positively. Positivity is very important.”

What do you like about Biotherm; what do you feel you have in common?

“Personally, I’m all about being natural and using natural products. I prefer natural ingredients, actives, that do something for my skin and really make a difference. Biotherm is all about that. They’re my preferred products.”

What does Biotherm’s ‘Live More’ motto mean to you?

“Live More means that you live to the fullest and you’re not scared to try things you’ve never tried before. Enjoy life and look at everything around you. Take it in and appreciate it.”


Photography: Biotherm

Share some of the best beauty tips and the people you learnt them from?

“It’s simple, smiling a lot because it makes you happy and it makes the people around you happy. Everybody is beautiful with a smile on their face. I learnt that from my family, my friends and great people I have in my life, that I look up to.”

Today, what are the fitness regimens that you do and enjoy?

“Right now I do a lot of different sports! I‘ve been boxing for the past 3 years and I really enjoy it. I have a really good trainer, his name is Kwame. He’s very tough! Sometimes he tells me to jab for pretty much 30 minutes to get it right. Boxing is all about repetition so you have to be patient and you also have to be very in the moment, which I enjoy because you get out of your head. You forget about life, you forget about your problems, you forget about everything. I also love Pilates which is a great compliment to boxing as it stretches you out and is all about the little muscles coming together versus boxing which is more cardio and being explosive. They go very well together. But I like all forms of training: cycling, weight training, cardio classes, yoga, team sports…I’m up for any challenge.”


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