How To Get Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman Makeup Look

Did you catch Wonder Woman over the weekend? I did, and I loved it! And what I especially loved was Gal Gadot’s makeup in the film– gorgeous and fierce but natural, just like Diana herself. So imagine my joy when I found this Reddit thread breaking down Wonder Woman’s makeup.

As it turns out, it’s both extremely easy to do and super wearable to boot. Let’s get started!


SKIN: It goes without saying that Diana the Amazon princess has flawless, glowing skin. Start with a well-moisturised base, and top it off with an illuminating primer or foundation.

BROWS: Diana has beautiful, strong brows that are well-groomed and filled in, but still very natural looking. To get her look, pluck your brows into a natural arch, then fill in your brows with an eyebrow pencil that’s just the same shade as your hair or one shade lighter. Brush to set them in place, or comb through a clear wax for extra  hold.

EYES: According to Reddit user Uldenthe, Diana wears a very light wash of a taupe shimmery shadow over her lid, darkened in the crease with a cool brown contour shade, and a darker matte shadow pressed into her lower lashline. She also wears a very tiny wing, which is visible when she glances down. For the most natural look, opt for a gel liner and liberal amounts of mascara.


CONTOUR AND BLUSH: While Gal Gadot has the sculpted cheekbones of a supermodel, a bit of contour doesn’t hurt! Sure enough, she wears quite a bit of contour in the film to bring out her facial structure even more. Her blush is also very warm, almost bronzer-like, so stay away from shimmery pinks and reds.


HIGHLIGHT: Highlighter plays a big part in Diana’s radiant, sun-kissed glow! To glow like an Amazon, highlight the tops of your cheekbones, under your brow bone, and just a tiny bit in the corner of your eyes.

LIPS: One of my favourite parts about Diana’s look was how natural her lips looked! Pick a lip colour that’s as close to your natural lip colour as possible, and top it off with some balm for a healthy plump look.

And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can even try to emulate her braid!