We Finally Know The Exact Eyeliner Amy Winehouse Used For Her Iconic Winged Eyes

Think of Amy Winehouse and you probably think of her iconic soul-inspired look: big, bouffant, beehive hair and the most exaggerated winged eyeliner. It’s almost impossible to separate Amy from the look, and getting to know how she did it feels somewhat like figuring out a legend.

Now we finally know exactly what Amy used on her eyes, courtesy of Valli O’Reilly, an Oscar award-winning film makeup artist who worked with Amy a lot whenever the singer happened to be in the US.

It’s the Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Eye Liner in Black– a product hand-picked by Amy herself, so you know it’s the real thing.

The key to the liner is its brush, according to Valli in a video for Lisa Eldridge– a fine tipped brush that’s just firm enough to give you the perfect amount of control and precision, whether you’re looking to tightly line your eyes or overdraw and exaggerated wing like Amy’s.

Being a drugstore brand as well, the eyeliner will only set you back £5.29, around RM29.

It’s a shame Rimmel isn’t available in our pharmacies anymore, but if you know anyone heading to the UK or US, you know what to do!

Watch the full makeup tutorial below: