FEMALE Beauty Faves: Lisa Eldridge’s Universally Chic Makeup Look

Now that it’s October, it’s time to highlight our absolute favourite makeup looks and artists. Every Monday, we’ll share a look, tip or artist that forever changed our makeup game. Say hello to FEMALE Beauty Faves. It’s Makeup Monday with a twist!

For me, there’s no better makeup artist than the legendary Lisa Eldridge. I love her intellectual approach to makeup, her artistry, her kindness, her soothing voice and most importantly, her makeup philosophy to always embrace and enhance your own personal features.

While the video that first got me hooked on her genius was her amazing Marilyn Monroe makeup tutorial, this is the tutorial I always go back to whenever I have a special event I need to get dolled up for, or if I just want to look extra pretty. I still use elements of this look in my daily makeup everyday.

Behold the Universally Chic Makeup Look.

As you might be able to tell from the name, this look makes literally everyone look naturally gorgeous, and it’s a look that Lisa often does for her celebrity clients on red carpets and cover shoots. As with all of her occasion makeup, it serves to enhance rather than obscure and alter your natural features (I’m looking at you, Instagram makeup.) The result is a look that is naturally beautiful, classic, and is all about the wearer rather than the makeup.

The emphasis of this look is perfectly defined eyes on a simple natural base of lightweight foundation and a good concealer. Lisa’s “basic eyeshadow” technique here sculpts and defines the eye without dominating the look. Use colours that lean bronze and earthily neutral as those are guaranteed to work on anyone.

To define your eyes, brush a bronze along the line of your crease, then blend out all over your eye with a lighter, creamy shade.Then use a tiny bit to define under your lower lash line.

Think of it as contouring your eye socket!

Liner,  the most important part of the look alongside lips. Use a black gel, cream, or pencil liner in black to thinly line your lash line, then wing out the outer edges towards the end of your eyebrow.

Adjust the wing as you like it!

Finally, buff out the line with eyeshadow to soften it– you end up with all the right definition you need without the harshness. Finally, lots of mascara. But chic lashes need to be defined while still neat and elegant, so comb through your mascara with a lash comb to get rid of any clumps. For extra oomph, you can also tightline your upper water line.

Look at the difference between the eye with the mascara and tightline on the left, and just the eyeliner on the right!

While Lisa opts for a classy nude lip in this look, she notes that this type of eye makeup compliments basically any shade and style of lipstick. The only thing to note is to put your lipstick on before blush, and then let your lipstick shade dictate what and how much blush to wear. With a flatter nude colour like the one she wears in the video, Lisa recommends a blush with a bit of pink in it to freshen the look.

And that’s it! The best thing about this look is how easily adaptable it is for a more casual or formal occasion by playing with how much or little eyeliner and lashes you wear.

For the full look, be sure to watch Lisa in action in the video below!